Rapid Patient Mover (RPM)

Rapid Patient Mover (RPM)

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Quickly and easily move patients with the Rapid Patient Mover (RPM).

The RPM is a versatile multi-purpose patient-moving device which embodies the benefits of both hard and soft carriers. The RPM can be used to carry or drag a person up to 600 lbs.

The RPM is constructed from heavy-duty ballistic nylon and incorporates three rigid plastic panels. The panels enable our Z-fold design, which allows deployment of the RPM under a patient with minimal handling. 

Continuous rows of handles on each side double as attachment points for securing straps. The handles provide many options for lifting with two or more rescuers, or if needed a patient can be dragged by a single rescuer utilizing the drag harness. 

RPM Features & Benefits:

  • Packs small enough to be carried easily.
  • Can be deployed quickly by a single rescuer.
  • Has 64 handles, so you can always grab it in the best spot.
  • Fits easily on top of a typical ambulance stretcher.
  • Can be used for moving cardiac arrest patients during mechanical CPR.
  • Can unfold under a victim / less space required for deployment.
  • Can be dragged from either end.
  • Soft / flexible construction means greater maneuverability.

Example scenarios: 

  • Active shooter response
  • Mass casualty response
  • Hospital/healthcare facility evacuation
  • Persons requiring removal from tight areas
  • Other "rescue" scenarios

Each RPM package includes:
1 RPM w/case
2 Patient Straps (4' each)

1 Drag Harness
6 high quality Carabiners

RPM (open): 80" x 36"
Case: 20" x 18" x 2"

More information:
    Instructions for use