About Us

B2 Products - Innovation you can count on!

B2 Products LLC is a Connecticut startup that develops innovative public safety products. The company was founded in February 2014 by siblings Josh, Chris, and Danielle Beaulieu. What started as an idea and some tinkering with a sewing machine gradually transformed into a full blown business venture among family with the shared mission of developing innovative products to help people and save lives!

Josh, with over 20 years of experience in the Fire-Rescue-EMS services saw a need for better products in the field to best serve his team in getting their job done – and thus B2 Products’ flagship ideas began to take shape.

The need for emergency preparedness and proper response equipment is more pressing than ever. Each day the news of an active shooter or terrorist emergency becomes less shocking than the day before. The Rapid Patient Mover (RPM) was developed as a crossover between a hard and soft patient carrier. The design allows for the highest amount of speed and agility for those rescuers selflessly putting their safety on the line to help rescue others in high risk scenarios.

Keeping rescuers and caretakers in mind, the Mobility Assistance Sling (MAS) then took shape to provide the highest quality, most versatile product for giving ergonomic support to providers assisting people with limited-mobility. B2 Products’ goal is to create products that best serve not only patients but also providers who show such compassion and kindness in their everyday caretaking.

Josh, Chris, and Danielle are not only family, but also share a common sense of drive and determination for innovation and social good. Josh is a licensed paramedic and fire department Battalion Chief who has worked with his boots on the ground in the field for over 20 years. Chris pioneers business development with his MBA and years of corporate experience. Danielle is a public health professional and data science enthusiast who is always searching for new ways to drive forward positive public health and safety initiatives through research and development. Between the three of them their years of complimentary experience have set them up well for this mission and have certainly made their mom proud!

Keep a look out for more innovative products coming through the B2 Products pipeline! Many thanks for the support you've given to the company and the community.